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London, England, 3rd February 2009,

Business & Decision, the international Consulting and Systems Integration (CSI) Company, specializing in Business Intelligence (BI), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and e-Business announces it has been awarded a $12.5m contract by the Maryland Department of Public Safety & Correctional Services (DPSCS) to implement its market leading, web-based, multi-agency case management solution, Mi-Case to replace numerous information silos and legacy applications managing ‘offender case management’.

Mi-Case will provide all DPSCS agencies with accurate and timely access to integrated data captured throughout the lifecycle of an offender from arrest, booking, pre-trial, incarceration, and through supervision. It will also allow for information sharing with local law enforcement and other criminal justice partners. Mi-Case will be used by all of DPSCS' divisions to manage the interaction with offenders in accordance with the State's requirements of best practice and to obtain management information and reports.

Ian Huckle, CEO Business & Decision UK (developers of Mi-Case) comments, "The Maryland award affirms that the knowledge acquired and developed in the UK is fully compatible with the needs of other countries, notably the US market. Mi-Case revolutionizes the case management process, improving efficiency and quality, as well as the effectiveness of follow-up care for offenders."

The Mi-Case solution is a renowned and proven solution with over 30 deployments in the UK, most of which are directly linked to the UK Home Office directives and UK National Health Service (NHS) initiatives. The development of Mi-Case was started seven years ago by Business & Decision. The solution is used to underpin a multi- institutional approach to drug and alcohol abuse, local government, policing, probation, healthcare and the court system. In Maryland, Mi-Case will be used principally by DPSCS but can also be a single point of entry for offender data for use by many of the State's other criminal justice stakeholders. The solution is renowned for its scalability and capacity to implement and enforce best practice business rules of each particular client organization.

"There was a clear mandate to identify a solution to address the Department's needs and after detailed evaluation, Mi-Case was the choice over a variety of competing products, based on the integration of the solution", explains Robin Kearon CEO, Business & Decision North America.

"As a joint initiative between the UK and USA, this success demonstrates the ability of Business & Decision to cooperate on a worldwide basis to address large scale projects. This contract places Business & Decision on an international level as an integrator who can partner with the largest companies or administrations", adds Patrick Bensabat, CEO of Business & Decision Group.

About Business & Decision

Business & Decision is an international Consulting and Systems Integration (CSI) company. It is a leader in Business Intelligence (BI), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and also a major player in e-Business and Enterprise Information Management (EIM) contributing to the success of customer projects by driving maximum business performance. The company has a reputation for functional and technological expertise and has forged partnerships with all of the key technology vendors.

Located in 20 countries, Business & Decision currently employs more than 2800 people worldwide.

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About Mi-Case

Business & Decision ( has worked with many Drug Intervention Programs, Drug Action Teams and treatment providers, and developed the multi-agency case management solution, Mi-Case to assist them in their operations; to increase case management, demonstrate performance and enable best practice when sharing data. Mi-Case is a unique and powerful web-based case management solution that enables clients (offenders) to be tracked through their cycle of interventions and maintain a continuity of treatment and/or attention.

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