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Business & Decision subscribes to the authority of the EURONEXT PARIS market and follows their recommendations for financial reporting.
Business & Decision publishes an annual report approved by l'Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), available on request from Business & Decision's Investor Relations, and in pdf format (Acrobat) in this section.

Business & Decision also publish press releases on their financial results in accordance with the financial calender or on any other significant developments of financial nature. These press releases are posted on the company's internet sites (
The mandatory financial reporting is also published as " BULLETIN DES ANNONCES LÉGALES OBLIGATOIRES ".

Business & Decision meet financial analysts regularly, notably at half-yearly and annual results presentations ("RÉUNIONS SFAF ").
Related documents are available on this section.


2017 financial calendar

31 January 2017:          2016 full year revenue at 5:35 pm

28 March 2017:             2016 annual results at 5:35 pm

30 March 2017:             Analysts & investors meeting at 11:30 am, Paris

27 April 2017:                2017 first quarter revenue at 5:35 pm

28 June 2017:                Shareholders’ annual General Meeting at 5:30 pm, Paris

31 July 2017:                 2017 first half revenue at 5:35 pm

31 August 2017:            2017 first half results at 5:35 pm

4 September 2017:        Analysts & investors meeting at 5:30 pm, Paris

31 October 2017:           2017 third quarter revenue at 5:35 pm

31 January 2018:           2017 full year revenue at 5:35 pm