Board of Directors

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The Board of Directors is set up and organized to represent the shareholders and act in the company's best interests. It defines the company strategy as well as its execution, and monitors the quality of all financial information communicated to the market. The Chairman of the Board of Directors also performs the duties of Group president.  
Communication principles and rules are implemented according to those recommended by the AMF (Autorité des marches financiers).

The Board of Directors convenes and sets the agenda for the meeting of shareholders, to whom it submits the accounts for approval and a management report for review.

The Board of Directors ensures that AFEP-Medef’s (Association of French Private-sector Companies—French Business Confederation) recommendations are implemented, namely in line with transparency rules governing directors’ and board members’ remuneration and risk assessment and management. No Attendance fees are allocated by Business & Decision.

All this information is clearly and precisely described in the annual report.