HR management

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Business & Decision takes into account the evolution of every single employee in a professional enhancive environment that offers multiple opportunities. Joining the Group is an opportunity to build a career with the support of both operation and HR teams.

At Business & Decision, the employee refers to its manager and to a project director. He is also supported by a payroll executive who can help, accompany and advise employees on administrative issues when arriving in the Group.

Each employee can evolve within the Group in two directions : management responsibility on projects and expanded expertise.

Employing senior citizens

The action plan set up within Business & Decision for the employment of senior citizens is threefold:

  • Encouraging recruitment of senior citizens
  • Skills and qualifications improvement through access to training
  • Knowledge and skills transfer through tutorship development, to benefit the younger populations


Business & Decision promotes and embraces diversity, leading to a richer, engaged and valued workforce.

The Group's 2,800 employees, in 18 countries across the world, are comprised of almost 50 different nationalities. In France, the Group’s 1,300 employees are comprised of over 30 different nationalities.


An action plan in favor of disabled workers is established. Business & Decision demonstrates the importance of this plan by appointing a disability project coordinator whose role is to build awareness internally, advertize vacancies to the relevant public and implement partnerships with specialized schools to assist students during their training.