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"We recognise the importance of our employees' contribution to the success of the Company and strive to provide a supportive working environment for all employees. Our values, in combination with social responsibility and ethics, ensure that everyone we work with is valued, treated fairly and shown respect. We uphold the values of honesty, partnership and equality in our relationships with all stakeholders."
Patrick Bensabat

The success of the Business & Decision model takes its roots in the following three values:

  • Respect, a fundamental value at Business & Decision. Respect for the customer, the people we work with regardless of their role, respect for competitors, partners and Business & Decision. In return, each and everyone must feel respected and protected in their own rights.
  • Humility, regardless of the amount of experience one possesses, there is always something to learn. At Business & Decision, we think that listening skills and an open mind are important for progress, and to be able to keep an open-mind, humility is indispensable.
  • Excellence, because at Business & Decision, we are always seeking ways in which we can improve upon today's work, and in which we can help each other evolve on a daily basis.