Business & Decision, a global consulting and systems integration (CSI) Group, is a leader in Business Intelligence (BI) and CRM, and a major player in e-Business. We leverage a unique combination of technical, functional and industry specialization, as well as partnerships with all of the key software vendors, to deliver maximum-value projects and help clients break through barriers to innovation such as Big Data and digital transformation. Business & Decision operates in 12 countries and employs over 2,500 people in France and worldwide.

Missions & Vision

Our goal is to constantly innovate in our domain of expertise, in order to meet evolving organizational needs, and to optimize the delivery of solutions and services to guarantee to our clients the highest added value

Our Vision is realized through:

  • Leveraging our expertise to meet customers' needs and exceed expectations
  • Valuing our partnerships and creating constant added value for our customers
  • Pursuing development in Europe and North America by recruiting new talent
  • Discovering new technological niches to cover arising business needs
  • Increase the efficiency of our services by constantly adapting our working methods to the industry highest standards

Our Mission is to develop the assets that differentiate the Business & Decision Group:

  • Expert Know-How combining sound understanding of business processes with information technology expertise
  • Specialist Models providing flexible offerings in line with our clients' needs
  • Committed Consultants whose loyalty is enhanced by professional career development, focused on capitalization of knowledge
  • Dedicated Experts, a critical mass of specialist consultants able to deliver major projects
  • Local and International presence to provide on-site support

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The Group History

Business & Decision was founded in February 1992 with decision support as its backbone. One, it will never diverge from.
Infocenter, EIS, DSS — a set of terminologies coined in the 80s in a budding market that will first give way to the emergence of Datawarehouses, and finally to what is known as Business Intelligence in the field of IT-based decision support. In a matter of 20 years, the Group will become a market leader in France, Europe and the world at large.

1993 - 1996
The first customers already include prestigious names: Danone, Sanofi, Indosuez, Lever France, Total. The first projects are carried out by a small team of consultants and focus mainly on financial forecasting and planning. Business & Decision sets up its first datawarehouses for new customers such as Caisse d’Epargne, Crédit Agricole and Hoechst laboratories.

1997 - 1998
Using market vendors' software packages, development optimization tools and methods are designed to facilitate and speed up business intelligence applications' implementation. The company publishes a "Whitepaper on data warehousing" and signs up its first customer relationship management customers. A new CRM division is created. The customer base widens and commercial success triggers a recruitment campaign that will run steadily hereafter.

1999 - 2000
Business & Decision continues to grow in a particular context: the golden era of IT services companies and the dot-com bubble. Business expansion takes place both on a technological and geographical level. For the deployment of big projects, teams support customers in Lille, Brussels, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Tunisia and Morocco. The EPM market, well-known to Business & Decision consultants, is booming. A new activity is launched on the e-Business market: the design and development of Internet-Intranet-Extranet sites. The e-Business Division is born and the first projects kick off with the BNP which will become the Group’s biggest customer.

These years will be marked by a firm acquisition and development policy. In Grenoble, Eolas establishes the Group’s foothold in the Internet world with hosting and SEO offerings. Targeted acquisitions in France, Switzerland and Belgium, the opening of new regional agencies in Nantes, Marseilles and Lyon: expansion choices that serve to strengthen the teams' know-how in terms of Business Intelligence and e-Business, namely with AXA Corporate Solutions, La Poste,, APCE. In 2001, Business & Decision is the first IPO of the new millennium on Euronext Paris Nouveau marché. An operation that helps finance the Group's growth policy, both in France and internationally.  The 300 employee-milestone is reached.

2002 - 2003
La Poste suisse, Saft, le Moniteur, Havas Voyages American Express, Bledina and numerous other customers help establish Business & Decision's expertise in its three traditional activity areas. A new acquisition in Great Britain completes the CRM offerings and the integration of a new web agency helps extend expertise in Internet-related consulting and integration. The banking and insurance sector become extremely important to the Group namely due to risk management needs.

2003 - 2004
Two years dedicated to consolidating Business & Decision’s presence in Europe. New acquisitions in Great Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland support the Group’s development, with new references such as the NMPP, now known as Presstalis, Monaco Telecom, Omnium and Vibrac. A new approach for the integration and development of Open Source technologies is also adopted. In 2003, the Group is awarded the "entreprise innovante" (Innovative company) label by the Anvar (national agency for innovation).

2005 - 2006     
Business & Decision reaches the 100 million-euro turnover milestone with new customers such as Aéroports de Paris, Samsung and JC Decaux. Internal growth continues, namely through the opening of new agencies in the south of France. External growth is also pursued with the company Metaphora, a change management specialist, and new acquisitions in Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Great Britain. 2006 marks the start of the Group’s operations in the United States. It is also a turning point in the Group's partnership policy: the company is now a partner of the market's leading vendors having made important acquisitions.

2007 - 2008
Due to the economic context, cost optimization and control is a priority for customers as well as Business & Decision during these two years. The Group’s experts design a new project standardization and implementation approach based on on-shore, near-shore and off-shore principles.  The Group starts operating in new countries to provide support to its customers through the appropriate service mode. Thus, service units are implemented in Tunisia, Morocco, Israel, Russia, India and China. Thanks to the level of expertise of Business & Decision’s Business Intelligence specialists, two whitepapers dedicated to the subject are published. Internet-related design and development activities are grouped under the new Interakting brand.

2009 - 2010     
The implementation of a reorganization plan helps Business & Decision weather the adverse conditions created by the crisis, and resume its traditionally high level of activity and growth.  Associating innovation with specialization singles out the Group in a highly competitive market and it is positioned amongst the world leaders by recognized analyst firms such as Gartner or IDC. From now on, DRIVE YOUR PERFORMANCE becomes the Group’s leitmotif.

2011 - 2012
Mobility places the Group at the frontline of the new digital revolution, namely as regards BI. In Grenoble, a new Datacenter is launched with "green" characteristics that make it an exemplary eco-friendly site in Europe. Barriers between application domains are more and more subtle and information volumes explode. Business Intelligence, for a long time considered exclusive, now interests all users and is shared with all business functions. With the Internet, it not only becomes visible, but takes on a critical role: it is used for sales, finance and even human resources.

The Group settles firmly in the era of Big Data with Datalyse project and adopts an innovative approach to data intelligence. Agility, mobility and client digital transformation are the key topics of the Group for the development of its offerings and its prospects. In parallel, the Group continues and finalizes its action plan to improve its performance levels across all business units and all countries.

In 2014, the Group focused on launching new innovative offerings on Big Data and extended Digital Transfomation services. Life Sciences expertises were strengthened with the acquisition of Ceri Médical in France and CRM/Cloud offerings were enriched with the acquisition of  InFact. A new communication agency, Herewecan, was created to accompany and value the digital business portfolio. The success of Mi-Case was confirmed with a significant new project in the State of Arizona in the United States as well as in Belgium in Europe.

The Group was recognized as one of top specialists of customer experience management by Gartner, worldwide. Operational and strategic directions were deployed to create the two major areas of expertise : Data and Digital.  fixed focused on launching new innovative offerings on Big Data and extended Digital Transfomation services. 

Early 2016, the Group annucend the passing of Patrick Bensabat, chairman & charismatic founder. A new management team was apointed to ensure transition.

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